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5 Game Changers

1. An IT Academy

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2. A Services Academy

academy-marchingWe are fortunate to have this full time course at our College. It caters for up to 20 students ranging in age from approaching 16 to beyond 19.  It is ideally suited for students who want to enter the New Zealand Defence Force or similar occupations. It also offers students the opportunity to engage with and grow in a climate that instils personal discipline and a high regard for others. Students will develop both teamwork and leadership skills, and a determination to master physical and mental challenges, preparing them for an independent thinking future. Places are limited.

3. Increasing opportunity

At Mana College we recognise that being a small school gives us the ability to personalise learning and give each of our academic pathway students a personal mentor.girl-mathsclass

As a truly innovative school we question whether it is necessary to assess this group of students at Level 2 as they are all aiming at Level 3.We believe it is a  waste ofprecious learning time to assess somestudents for what will be a redundant qualification the following year. So this year we combined our Year 12 and 13 students together in a couple of subjects studying just level 3.

Essentially this means that students have 2 years to reach Level 3 and that the courses are built in two year long modules that combine to make a whole course at the end of the second year. One interesting by product of this is the fact that because class sizes increased there was more robust class debate, discussion and argument all of which augmentlearning. This innovative approach to learning has already shown encouraging results so from 2015 we will be able to widen the choice of subjects for students following this academic pathway.

4. Junior College widens choice

At Mana College we are constantly looking at ways to make improvements for our students and our community.handsup

In the last two years we have increased the choice of subjects for Junior College students. All students at years 9 and 10 now have a choice of two optional subjects and these now include languages and performing arts.

Our bilingual programme,  "e tipu e rea" has also been strengthened. This programme is now taughtas a whanau class made up of year 9 and 10 students and seems to be a roaring success building learning around the tuakana/teina relationship. Currently we are considering how this solution could be applied to the options for all year 9 and 10 students. Essentially this would mean students would have almost twice as many subjects to choose from 2014.

5. Tech Ready!

Mana College is fully equipped to meet the information explosion and harness all its powers for our "new generation" of

We have three computer rooms providing 48 desktop computers and 24 of the latest laptops between them. We also have 7 pods of 10 netbooks situated in almost every block. These resources will soon be boosted with 35 more brand new machines comprising a mix of net books, i-pads and laptops. We are wireless enabled and fully fibre cabled to take maximum advantage of ultrafast broadband.

All staff have completed a 3 year programme entitled Information Communication Technology Professional Development (ICTPD). It means that all our staff are able to use and give access to the new learning available through using the tools provided by the internet.

Our commitment to technology has seen us become just one of four schools to receive Microsoft IT Academy Accreditation – further demonstration of the progressive change occurring at Mana College.




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